Insights from the CCR Media NOC

by Chris Sanders, Director of Operations | 9 February 2023

by Chris Sanders, Director of Operations | 9 February 2023

What is a NOC?

Network Operations Center – A network operations center is the heartbeat of an operation. Key insights into the daily ups and downs of a maintained system are critical to the success of an organization and its clients. It takes the pulse of the infrastructure and mitigates all issues with the system. By its very nature, it creates a profitable and successful environment by creating a self-healing macrocosm.

What The NOC Does – The NOC maintains the heartbeat of any footprint by watching over different elements of that footprint. The NOC utilizes tools and resources that help detect and deter issues that could become larger scale if not addressed properly and in a timely fashion. Our NOC at CCR Media (CCRM) spans as a watchdog over a global footprint. Remediating issues oftentimes before our clients even know there’s an issue. What does that give us and our clients? Peace of mind. Knowing someone is watching over your systems gives a peace of mind that is incomparable when it comes to your growth.

How The NOC Does What It Does – The CCRM NOC does this with the help of 35 staff members that live and breathe in our system 24/7/365. We know our client’s products don’t get days off, and we live that life with our clients.

What is our NOC differentiator?

Leadership With Heart – Our leadership team believes in our mission. We push each other every day to find new and unique ways to improve our product and our quality. We know that our team needs their work/life balance and we take heavy steps to ensure that our team is successful in that venture.

Inspired Staff – The staff members in the CCRM NOC can feel the heart from leadership. They are inspired to push quality to its cap while expediting resolutions to issues that arise. We’re passionate about our pursuit of ensuring client success because by the very nature of our system, client success is our success.

Training For The Future – We believe in training our staff. All staff members at the CCRM NOC have at a minimum of a company trained NET+. This isn’t the end all be all of training for us though. Many of our staff pursue further trainings into different systems and have attained certifications to prove the gain of knowledge. We also host internal trainings on the topics that drive our business from a technical perspective. Nobody at the CCRM NOC has the want to sit on their laurels. We strive for a competitive, collaborative, and friendly environment. Each of these are part of the gateway to our, and our client’s success.

What is in our future?

Security Initiatives – Although built with security in mind, every system in today’s world has gaps. We in the CCRM NOC aren’t unaware of this and are actively looking at our system and security goals as we move towards a better tomorrow with our clients. Things such as SOC2 Compliance and ISO27001 certification sit on the forefront of our minds. With backing from the very top of CCRM, we pursue that security perfection in our every action.

Systemization And Automation – People can make mistakes. Our growth leads us closer and closer to automation. Our team embraces this as we grow, knowing that their knowledge is supplemented to ensure they remain relevant even as their roles change. There is no need to fear automation and AI tools, only a need to better ourselves to better utilize the tools. The CCRM NOC understands this and it is a very important part of our training as a team.

The CCRM NOC team grows with our clients, we push towards systemization and automation. Bridging the gap from human error to a near-perfect state.