About CCR Media

Meet Our Leadership Team

CCR Media is the largest provider of MSO, satellite, over-the-air, cable, and fiber content feed. We help you acquire and support channel feeds as a part of your company’s ACR, advertising, media research, and media quality solutions.

Team Shea Kelly

Shea Kelly

Chief Executive Officer

Creates our vision and facilitates greatness continually by ensuring the team grows together to get better at what we do.

Team Seth Kelly

Seth Kelly

Chief Innovation Officer

Focuses on problem-solving, innovation, and service delivery while looking for ways to improve efficiency.

Team Ben Saboe

Benjamin Saboe

Strategic Partnerships Manager

Cultivates and maintains relationships to learn more about your pain points and discover solutions.

Team Zach Frost

Zach Frost

Service Delivery Manager

Seamlessly executes your project to provide a high standard of excellence and service.

Team Listi Robinson

Listi Robinson

Client Success Executive

Fosters relations with your team to work together to achieve a high level and long-term success.

Team Chris Sanders

Chris Sanders

NOC Manager

Monitors and leads his team to work with yours to ensure the day-to-day runs smoothly at all times.

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Who We Are

As a brand in the CCR Family of Companies, we benefit from the extensive knowledge and support provided by the CCR company leadership, products and solution, and business services teams.


Our growing CCRM team hires for all skill levels and even offers training to support your career growth. Our career page is shared with the CCR Family of Companies, so please double check the position is ours when searching for jobs to apply.

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