Get Started

What to Expect Along the Way

Our global reach extends our capabilities, ensuring we can support your needs, no matter where you are. With our focus on quality, service, and value, we’re not just another media company – we’re a partner invested in your success.

Schedule A Needs Analysis

Our initial conversation will focus on the channels you need, how you plan to use your channel feeds, what format is required, and desired geographical coverage.

Pilot Project & Benchmarking

Next, we will deploy a pilot project to test infrastructure design based on your desired channel feeds, required format, and requested geographical coverage.

Finalize & Implement Project

A unique contract will be created to meet your needs and demands. Then kick off the project and establish how you’d like us to integrate with your team on communication, process, and priorities.

Deployment & Support

Our NOC team proactively monitors your channel signals and works with broadcasters to resolve issues. Communicating with your team through all incidents via email or your preferred method.

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