The Three Headaches of Managing Your Network Infrastructure

A quality infrastructure can edge out the competition. Don’t let these challenges stand in your way.

CCR Media has been an infrastructure manager for over the past decade, and we know a thing or two about the headaches that come along with managing a large footprint. Here is the list of the top three issues CCR Media has encountered, and why CCR Media has become the easy button for many software companies to outsource their infrastructure.

1. Vendor Management

With a large footprint, comes numerous vendor relationships to manage. This involves contract renewals, sourcing new locations, point of contacts, and many other tedious admin tasks. If you partner with CCR media, we become the one-stop shop to manage the intricate relationships for you! We currently manage over 250 vendors across 300+ physical locations, while providing a sole point of contact from CCR Media for your business.

2. Hardware Management
Developing customized server builds, sourcing hardware, refreshing hardware, RMAing failed hardware; all these things take time for a business to manage. With CCR Media, we become the Hardware experts for you. Simply benchmark with CCR Media to find the perfect server build for your software, and we will handle the rest!
3. Onsite Support
Dealing with service interruptions across large footprints can be an impossible task for businesses without a dedicated Network Operations Center (NOC). CCR media has exactly that with a team of 40 technicians that are monitoring 24/7/365 for any service interruptions that may impact your business. We proactively notify you of outages that are happening within your product with guaranteed response times.

Zach has nine years of industry experience and has led hundreds of successful deployment projects. Reach out to learn more about starting a pilot project to test your infrastructure design.

by Zach Frost, Director of Program Management | 24 March 2023

by Zach Frost, Director of Program Management | 24 March 2023