Auto Content Recognition: What is it, and how does it apply?

ACR isn’t just used in your smart tvs it’s used across the media industry and serves multiple purposes.

Auto content recognition (ACR) is a technology used in the television industry that allows for the identification of content being watched by users. It works by analyzing the audio and visual signals from a user’s television or streaming device to identify the specific content being consumed. This technology has become increasingly important in recent years as the number of streaming services and television channels has grown exponentially.

ACR technology is used by a variety of companies in the television industry, including broadcasters, advertisers, and streaming services. One primary application of ACR technology is to gather data about what people are watching. This information is used to inform programming decisions, advertising strategies, and even the development of new shows and movies.

Use of ACR

Streaming Services

Netflix and Amazon Prime Video use ACR technology to track user viewing habits and make recommendations for new content to watch. By analyzing what users are watching, these services can suggest other shows or movies that might be of interest to them. This can be especially useful for users who are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content available on these platforms. 

Targeted Advertising

By tracking what users are watching, advertisers can deliver ads that are more relevant to the content being viewed. If a user is watching a cooking show, they might see ads for kitchen gadgets or food products. This type of targeted advertising can be more effective than traditional advertising methods, as it is more likely to be relevant to the viewer. 


Broadcasters also use this technology to monitor their own content to ensure it’s being aired correctly. They can use ACR technology to check that commercials are being played at the correct time, or that a specific episode of a show is being aired in the correct order.

How does CCR Media fit in? CCRM is the essential ingredient or raw material behind ACR companies. We provide the television content our clients need to make their ACR libraries to analyze the data against. We have become the one stop shop for all content needs in the ACR space, as we have access to over 7,000 channels globally, including AVOD and SVOD content. 

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by Zach Frost, Director of Program Management | 27 April 2023

by Zach Frost, Director of Program Management | 27 April 2023