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The CCR.TV Blog is LIVE!   

Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve stepped up and decided to try this modern technology called the “world-wide Interweb Face-place” thing and create a blog! Why? Excellent question! Every week I get dozens of emails asking about the show, the cars, the sponsors, the re-runs, and even some about me. Rather than try to answer them all, I thought a public blog would be a good way for others to see what kind of interaction we have with fans of CCR. It may also help answer some questions for people before they write to us… then again it just may prompt more emails. Who knows? We’ll have to see where this all goes.

So, what will be in this blog besides answers to viewers questions? That’s up to you. I’m open to posting lots of different things here. My travels, my past, my ideas, there’s no limit really. Well, actually there’s some. I will NOT post comments about politics, negatives about sponsors, or negatives about specific people I don’t know.

Now that we have the ground work laid out, let me tell you a bit about who is responsible for this blog. It’s Legendary Automotive Interiors! It was actually their suggestion to create it. Even better, it was their suggestion that they would pay for it too! …Ya gotta love those type of suggestions! Martin Beckenbach, is the founder and owner of Legendary. He’s a great guy. Full of boundless energy and enthusiasm for the hobby. During SEMA last year, Marty and I spent some time discussing the restoration industry’s issues and what direction we felt it was headed. We both were seeing positive signs of growth. We were seeing younger people getting involved. More traditional restorations and modifications were happening and best of all the aftermarket was continuing to bring forward exciting new products at lightening speed. As we were heading out to get a sandwich, we passed a booth with a life size cut out of Chip Foose holding a product with a big smile on his face. As Marty and I walked by I noted how popular Chip has stayed, even with Overhaulin’ gone from the scene. Marty suggested that I should do some endorsements, like Chip does. I told him, “Marty, you’re the only guy I could get to pay me to endorse a product and it might not be a good investment on your part”… He disagreed. So, now I am officially a spokesman for Legendary Automotive Interiors… Marty agreed to buy me a case of beer every month in exchange! How could I possibly turn down that kind of offer?

Thanks for giving this a read! Send in your suggestions for topics to: info@ccr.tv

On The Next Blog… This Spokesperson thing is harder than it looks! We’ll take a look at my visit to Legendary and the training days they put me through!

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One Response to “The CCR.TV Blog is LIVE!”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I was watching the recent episodes on Speed and saw a green and white ranchero in the credits. I believe that Dan may have been driving it. Do you have any more info on that car?


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