Our critically acclaimed cornerstone series has delivered over 100 episodes of high detail, audience accessible – uniquely, branded shows. Follow some of the worlds best and creative automotive designers in a drive to turn barnyard strays into showroom queens.

If you’re a hard-core gear-head, you’re on the road to the right place. Get your fix with host Dan Woods as he reveals what it takes to be a custom classic builder. With demanding deadlines quickly becoming a reality and roadblocks rising left and right, two talented teams must come up with dynamic, innovative ways to survive the mission.

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“The Corvette Affair” chronicles the over half century seduction by America’s preeminent sports car. Through 6 design generations: Host Dan Woods delivers inside information and insight into the Corvette’s legendary history and ongoing fascination. Supported by commentary from SPEED stalwarts such as Denis Gage, Tom Hnatiw, Barry Meguiar, Russell Mitchell and Craig Jackson, this special delivers opinion and insight seldom merged into a single automotive profile. Of course, true to the Chop Cut Rebuild formula, this documentary is not a pan and scan – talking heads look at the history of the Corvette… Featured in the special is one of the most meticulous restorations CCR has ever made – a 35th Anniversary 1988 C4 Corvette Convertible!

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Mustang Mystique

Dedicated to the cars America (and the rest of the world) fell in love with and couldn’t let go. This time, it’s the original Pony Car… Ford’s iconic Mustang. Complimenting a storied history is a complete ground up build of a magnificent 1967 fastback. Built from 100 percent new parts never exposed to an assembly line. Chop Cut Rebuild and host Dan Woods, deliver an amazing panel to panel, rebirth and state-of-the art ground up assembly in tandem with historic insight to America’s true Pony on wheels…The Mustang earned its badge and fame… Chop Cut Rebuild brings it back!

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STREET TUNER CHALLENGE spins the focus from traditional street rod builds to the booming trend in modifying imports and compact domestics as the new sizzle on the streets. Shot on locations throughout southern California, the series is a hybrid of reality programming, combined with our signature “coyote” music video / documentary style – to deliver a one of a kind automotive lifestyle program spotlighting the ‘sport compact’ and its appeal across the international domain.

3 months of sweat and wrenching leads to 3 vehicles staged and ready for an all out… Time Attack!!!… 30 minutes… 3 cars… 3 drivers… as many fast and furious laps as each can spin… only 1 lap counts… lowest time posted takes counts… scorch the clock… final tick… as these ultra-popped Street Tuners scream for build / design REWARD!!
It’s not about rules… It’s about the right to rule!!

“Street Tuner – Behind the scenes”

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