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Own a part of Chop Cut Rebuild history!   

As of September 1st, 2010 Chop Cut Rebuild’s host Dan Woods has placed his personal vehicle, the 1975 Bricklin SV1 restored in Season 4, for sale on Ebay Motors! This a one of a kind automobile, customized and upgraded to be one serious sports car that turns heads where ever it goes. Its flamed Maple Leaf hood and custom interior reflect its heritage as Canada’s last production automobile and North America’s only gull-wing production car.

Celebrities such as Leonard Cohen, Monty Hall, and even former Canadian Prime Minister, Kim Campbell have sat in this car. Its designer, Herb Grasse and the cars originator Malcolm Bricklin, have both raved about its redesign and custom look. This Bricklin has appeared twice at the SEMA show in Las Vegas to outstanding reviews.

Completely rebuilt from the ground up, this rare SV1 is one of just 2,900 Bricklin’s produced from 1974 to 1976. Meticulously customized by the renowned team at Syndicate Automotive in San Diego, California, its transformation was extensively documented and broadcast across North America on the SPEED Channel. Its original 351 Windsor engine was completely rebuilt with a top of the line “stroker” kit, to increase its cubic inch capacity to nearly 400ci. Its new power is complimented by an Art Carr built C4 Transmission and Currie 9 inch Differential. Four wheel disc brakes provide more than enough stopping power. Edelbrock aluminum heads and a Demon 4bbl carburetor pour a unique roar from the customized headers. Interior work includes, a custom made dash and console combination which houses a top of the line Sony Xplod sound system and DVD screen. Converted from hydraulic to pneumatic, its signature gull-wing doors open at the touch of a remote switch, while the new Air Ride suspension can drop the car on its rockers for added effect.

Re-broadcasts of the Season 4 series, have recently begun a new airing cycle on the Discovery UK channel “Turbo”, seen across Europe.

This isn’t just a Bricklin… It’s the “Chop Cut Rebuild” Bricklin. Place your bid HERE to own a rare piece of automotive history!

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Posted in News,Updates — by Allison Woods on 08/27/10 (4) comments

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4 Responses to “Own a part of Chop Cut Rebuild history!”

  1. 10000 Days Says:

    One of the better articles I’ve seen written, great job! Looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. TJ D Says:

    Love the show, but the Bricklin rebuild was great. I remember seeing one of these, in orange, in western, NY during the summers. Beautiful cars to see on the road.
    Keep up the great shows Dan!

  3. Toyota Aristo Says:

    great post. I have always loved trucks. cya

  4. Steve Says:

    How much did this car sell for, anybody know? I would have been interested in buying this.

    Dr. Steve MD

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