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October 30, 2011   

Wow… I just realized how long it’s been since I updated my blog. No wonder I’m not getting invited to those talk about “tweeting” your way to fame and fortune, Sunday afternoon radio shows!


Well, there’s a ton of exciting stuff that’s gone on since my last blog so let’s get to the details…


The summer of 2011.

It seemed to just fly by. The folks at Legendary made sure they brought me along to 3 of their big shows: Carlyle, PA; Syracuse, NY; and Columbus, OH. In Carlyle, the weather was less than co-operative. Rain fell most of the weekend and it brought the attendance down a little. But, the good news was that the rain also brought down some of the prices too! There were plenty of bargains for those who ventured into the Swap Meet area of the show. Even with all the rain, there were lots of Mopar enthusiasts there who all had great things to say about CCR and our XP Hemi project. Keisler Engineering was there too but, unfortunately, the car was travelling in the back of a transport somewhere across the country and didn’t arrive in time for display at the event. But, Shafi Keisler didn’t disappoint. His famous “Kuda” was on display to turn heads and make mouths water. It was good to see my friend John Schneider at Carlyle too. We didn’t get much time to talk because there was a line-up of people in front of him all day. It was just a quick “Hi John” and a “Hey Dan” between signatures. I did get to spend some time hiding from the rain under a lean-to with Discovery and Spike TV personality Lou Santiago (Muscle Car and Ultimate Car Build Off). Lou is a great guy and we talked for quite a while. I’m gonna find a show for that guy to host. There’s just too much talent and personality there for him to not be on TV right now!


The weekend after Carlyle, we were in Syracuse New York, for the Syracuse Nationals. WOW! What a show!! Probably the biggest all-makes show on the east coast. Cars and fans came from all over the east including Canada. It was a great weekend; sunny and hot! Fortunately, we were in a big air conditioned building which brought the crowds in droves. At the end of the aisle where the Legendary display was set up, some of the original cast members from “Happy Days” were signing autographs throughout the day. Henry Winkler, Erin Moran, and Cindy Williams signed, shaked and kissed hundreds of enthusiastic fans every day. I didn’t get to say much to any of them because the Legendary booth was just rockin’ with people coming by to say hello. I think I caught Henry Winkler looking over at me a few times and wondering why people were lining up to get MY autograph. To be honest, I wonder the same thing sometimes! All in all, Syracuse was a blast and I’m sure to be back there again soon!


After a few days back in California to shoot more episodes of CCR, it was time to head out with Legendary Automotive Interiors again. This time it was the big Mopar show in Columbus, OH. I’d been to this show before when we built the Goodmark Cuda in Season V, so I had an idea what to expect there. The best part about this show is it’s not just a car show – at this show the cars on display also tear up the track! Yep, if you haven’t been there you owe it to yourself to go. Every kind of door-slammer or pro-street Mopar you can imagine tears up the ¼ mile strip all weekend long. It’s not often that you go to a car show and also hear the roar of engines and the smell of rubber in the air all day. All car shows should be like this!


After a great summer of Mopar love, it was nice to get back to home base and begin finishing up Season 8 of Chop Cut Rebuild. The pressure of the SEMA show was right around the corner and both projects seem to be right on schedule…” if only the host of the show would show up so we can film” – that’s my Executive Producer’s voice coming out. They say it’s OK if the voices in your head are only telling you to get to work!


Coming up… SEMA 2011.

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