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Long running SPEED series earns network its first “Lifestyle” Emmy Nomination   

Producers of the hit SPEED Channel series Chop Cut Rebuild …With Dan Woods have garnered the automotive specialty broadcaster its first Daytime Emmy nomination. The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences recently announced its Daytime Emmy nominees for the June 23rd awards ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, naming the long running SPEED series as a nominee for “Outstanding Lifestyle Series”.

Chop Cut Rebuild blends documentary style into the “how-to” genre by following the restoration of two distinctively iconic vehicles in a season-long 13 episode process. Now in its eighth season on SPEED, the series has featured top professionals in the restoration trade who reveal the tricks, skills, and challenges of a complete showquality vehicle restoration.

Chop Cut Rebuild premiered on SPEED in 2004. The series creator, host, and Executive Producer is Dan Woods, who is also known for his long standing acting role in the successful Degrassi franchises as teacher/principal Raditch. Woods believes the series has enjoyed its longevity due to its focus on process – rather than personality. “Chop Cut Rebuild is about the real effort needed to restore iconic symbols of American engineering. It isn’t about throwing wrenches, or dysfunctional people”, says Woods.

Edward Peghin, has been the series Co-Executive Producer and Director for the past three seasons. Edward credits much of the series success to the right mix of on-camera talent and an enthusiastic production team. “Finding the right people who understand cars and blending them with people who understand television has been the key.”
Peghin adds, “Everyone understands their roles, their strengths, and they love what they do”, states the veteran

Chop Cut Rebuild has featured the restoration of every type of popular vehicle from classic Camaro, Charger, and Mustang muscle cars, to rare and unique vehicles like the Delorian pre-curser Bricklin SV1 from the early 1970’s. The ninth season of Chop Cut Rebuild is currently in production and will premier in fall 2012.


For a complete list of all 2012 Daytime Emmy nominees visit:
For more information contact:
Edward Peghin
Co-Executive Producer
(310) 598-2986

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