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Herb Grasse | Bricklin SV1, Designer | 2.21.1945 – 7.24.2010   

Herb Grasse’s design career began in 1968 following his graduation from the world-renowned Art Center College of Design in California. Herb mastered the creative aspects of automobile design, working on such renowned designs as the original Dodge Challenger and the XD Ford Falcon, the original Ford Laser and the Ford Telstar.

Herb’s pinnacle achievement was the design of the Bricklin SV1 in the mid-1970’s. Working closely with Malcolm Bricklin as his director of design, Herb breathed life into the concept, design and manufacture of this dynamic, forward-looking sports car. From creating rough sketches, to clay models, to business considerations, to the production line, Herb was involved in every aspect of making this dream car a reality. His efforts were recognized by his being named the Industrial Designer of the Year in Product Design by Industrial Design magazine and recognition by his alma mater, the Society of Art Center Alumni with their “Orange Door” award for Best Transportation Design. – Excerpts from www.herbgrassedesign.com

An additional message from Dan Woods:

Herb Grasse gave inspiration to many. It’s odd when you realize you can be so strongly influenced by someone you have never met. Yet, the moment I first saw a Bricklin, Herb had me hooked on his work. With just one encounter of his car, I said to myself “I want one”. I was 16 at the time. When I finally did get to own a Bricklin, there was still something missing. I had to meet the men responsible for this car and the history it provided my home country of Canada. I did get to meet Herb and his beautiful wife, Terrie just three years ago. It was almost surreal to finally meet the man who designed my dream car and to have him sitting in MY office telling stories about MY car! He was thoroughly charming and engaged in the art of the automobile to his last days. We talked for hours about his years in the business and I can still hear him speak nearly every word in my ears. The man behind the Bricklin, was a great character and he will be sorely missed. I’m very glad I was able to meet him and to introduce him to his musical hero Leonard Cohen when we unveiled our Bricklin together on Canada Day in Los Angeles. Herb may have been thrilled to meet Leonard but, I was thrilled to have known Herb!

In lieu of flowers, you may wish to contribute to a fund to help defray Herb’s medical expenses by contacting Terrie Grasse, P.O. Box 25361, Scottsdale, AZ 85255.

Rest in peace my friend… and if you can, have a new gull winged car design ready for me to see when we meet again.

Dan Woods
Chop Cut Rebuild.

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One Response to “Herb Grasse | Bricklin SV1, Designer | 2.21.1945 – 7.24.2010”

  1. TJ D Says:

    In much the same way the good Lord makes us all individuals; so was Herb’s design of the Bricklin. What we see as an example of ones talent is often timeless, and so is the work of Herb.
    Can’t wait to see what Herb and Harley(Earl) will have waiting for us when we get there.

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