Q: Has Chop Cut Rebuild ever considered rebuilding / restoring viewer’s cars?
A: While the production team welcomes viewer suggestions for project cars, for practical and liability reasons, we do not facilitate ANY work on viewer’s cars.

Q: Has the show ever offered any of the project cars for sale to viewers?
A: To maintain the integrity of the show, project vehicles are not offered for general sale. However, each vehicle is privately owned and could be sold by the owner at any time.

Q: How many cars have been featured on CCR?
A: Over seven seasons 20 cars have been featured on CCR regular 30 minute broadcasts. Hour long special presentations have focused on two cars: The Corvette Affair and The Mustang Mystique.

Q: Are all the cars rebuilt and / or restored in Southern California?
A: Our primary builders are located in the SoCal region. Over seven seasons the show has traveled to Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, New York, and Canada. Closing episodes that reveal the finished cars have been located in Nevada at Hot August Nights in Reno or SEMA in Las Vegas.

Q: When can I watch Chop Cut Rebuild?
A: Please refer to Speed’s broadcasting schedule at www.speedtv.com

Q: Is CCR televised outside the U.S. and Canada?
A: Yes. CCR has international exposure thought out Europe on the Discovery Turbo network.

Q: How many man-hours does it take to complete the project cars from start to finish?
A: With the caliber of builders featured on CCR – the norm can be anywhere from 1000 to 1500 man-hours. This total includes the many specialists enlisted for their particular expertise. Each project presents unique challenges that require top caliber professionals.

Q: Is Dan Woods a licensed mechanic or technician?
A: No. Dan holds no trade licenses in the automotive field. He is the executive producer and garage-fanatic-at-large.

Q: Has Dan Woods appeared on other TV shows?
A: Yes. Dan was an original cast member of the Emmy award winning Degrassi Franchise. He also recently appeared in the horror film “Lake Dead”, which is scheduled to have a sequel produced in 2010. His foray into automotive television began in 1997 when he created and hosted Classic Car Restorations for the Speedvision network.

Q: Are copies of individual shows or series available?
A: Individual episodes are not available for sale. However, fans of the series can purchase the box set of an entire season, available here: www.ccr.tv/store

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