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Chop Cut Rebuild presents the “Keisler XP HEMI”   

This is one of two cars we are working on this season. At least, this is what the car used to look like when it came from the factory. It was found in a barn in Tennesse in less than perfect shape. Time has clearly taken its toll. But, an expert Chop Cut Rebuild team has no intention of letting decay win this battle.

Is this the fabled “XP Hemi” featured in the 1969 promotional literature? Stay tuned to Chop Cut Rebuild for the complete build and more clues!

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Posted in Featured — by Dan on 06/07/10 (36) comments

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36 Responses to “Chop Cut Rebuild presents the “Keisler XP HEMI””

  1. Eldon Says:

    Hi Dan,
    I always watch chop,cut rebuild. I own a 69 Charger and I’m thrilled to see one on your show.


  2. Dave Austin Says:

    Hey Dan.I read in a Mopar mag that you are going a charger.I too own and in the middle of restoring a 69 charger.I can’t wait to see the show.


  3. Rick Sheridan Says:

    hey Dan when will the next season be airing on speed.Rick.

  4. Greg Teuscher Says:

    Hey guys I sure am happy to see a 69 charger on your show(CCR) , I also have one of these fine late 60″s machines in pieces on the road to restoration. Dan and Craig are real experts so it should be an exciting and informative series.

  5. John Bert. Says:

    Hey Mate,
    Glad to see that you r doing an other series,
    when will the show air? and what is the second car?
    Cheers From Down Under.

  6. Randy Lunt Says:

    Hey Dan, always watch your show, but this season in gonna be EXCELLENT!!!!!. I enjoyed the Camaro tribute and the Merc. was cool. (heck, I even watched the reruns). Keep up those high standards.

  7. gary sobolik Says:

    can you tell me what color the 40 fford was in last years episodes? i would like to paint my 64 vette that very same color. thank you, gary.

  8. Leyli Salamguly Says:

    Wow I have never seen a XP 426 hemi it is legit thats one nice find i have seen a few factory mistake cars but genarly small mistakes yours is huge and it tops my find. i have a factory mistake car a 1973 pontiac firebird esprit 400 “2T87Y3vin that Y should be a R” for reasons unknown has a “WW code” dport 455 with a 3speed. it matchs the vin but i cant figure out if its a misslabeled formula “maby the T is suposed to be a U” or if it rely is a rule bending esprit it rly dose look like a esprit though. sadly i might never know because some of the papers were lost in the 2nd owners house after it had a fire hence the reason he was selling the car for money any way incloseing cant wait to see it finished i say paint it plum but thats just me.

  9. Scott Rudge Says:

    Just saw Episode 2. Great to see you guys are going to restore this piece of MOPAR history back to near stock with bolt on goodies. Are you guys documenting all the details on this car somewhere? A blog maybe? Sure would be interesting to see. Thanks, Scott.

  10. ted turner Says:

    Where in Tenn was this car found and how did you find out about this car. I live in Tenn and enjoy going and looking at cars.I have heard of chargers in barns and fields but have never foind any.

  11. Christopher Righi Says:

    I’m in the midst of restoring a 69 charger that needs some healthy bodywork and I’m quite happy to see chop cut rebuild working on one and illustrating some of the areas that I have to still work on.

  12. Rob B Says:

    I can not believe the level of body work you guys have gotten into on this thing, it is amazing. And it is absolutely incredible to see this car being resurected, amazing work.
    My first car was a 68 Charger, so I have a special interest in this build.
    Keep up the great work.

  13. mrmike Says:

    I built a 1/25 scale model of this car as it appeared back in 1969. I found the picture of it on a calendar a couple of years ago and I knew I had to build this model car.


  14. Doug Says:

    Hi Dan were did you get wire harness for dash

  15. Stappy Says:

    SWEET!!! I have a 69 Charger RT/SE I am working on for next summer cruisin!!! I cannot wait to see what you do with this one. Thanks for salvaging what once would have been trashed!!!

  16. Robert Cole Says:

    How do you pick shops to do your work?
    Thanks Rob

  17. julie Says:

    I was watching the gentlemanput the bondo on the Hemicar with the”Bazooka” (?). i would like a little more information if possible. I googled it, but no luck

    Got into a discussion with my boyfriend as to it that was the real name. It was a first for me to find out that 3M makings products for working on cars.


  18. 02603sec Says:

    Congratulations on the 7th year of the show. I was watching the Charger build and was wondering if the cost sheet- parts-labor etc made sense to publish. I’m thinking you’re going way past $100k.

  19. my name is michael snyder Says:

    My name is michael snyder i live in redding california please dont take this as a cherrity case but i have failing health and i just bought a 1973 plymouth duster i have many friends who love mopars and we all would love to see my car done its about 75% restored it belonged to my great grandfather and after a few years i got it and my wife and i were planning to turn it into a 340 duster instead of the 318 gold duster it is as far as i was told its all matching number please consider my car i dont have any money but my dream for my car has lived in my head since i was 9 jrs old please help me im your moast dedicated fan id love if you helped me and sponserd my car for racing please write back

  20. butch cole Says:

    would really like to see a 40 ford deluxe coupe or a 2 dr sedan done…with the flathead please,headers,smittys,echo cans..you know,old style rodding but with modern suspension,brakes and amenities like you know how to do

  21. Bob Palmer Says:

    Wow!!! the charger is looking great, i was not able to see the episode they shot the 69 with color, well i am building a 57 Chevy nomad for my wife and she loves the color your team used on the Charger. is it possible that you can let us know the house of color number that was used on the charger that would be great!!!
    a long time fan
    P.S. thank you for another exciting season.

  22. Greg Says:

    I was wondering who did the resto on the headreasts? I have a 69 gtx and I can not find anyplace that can help me. Thank you.

  23. Bob Reed Says:

    Who was the guy that decoded the charger the intials were gts does he have a website to help others decode vin #s

  24. Daniel Carl Says:

    I love the Dukes of Hazzard so I enjoyed CCR build the Charger. Now when i build a Charger i know what to do.

    Daniel Carl,
    Age 12 1/2

  25. Chop Cut Rebuild Dodge Charger Stirs Controversy - StreetLegalTV.com Says:

    [...] Chop Cut Rebuild has recently stood out from the morass of cable car shows on TV due to their choice of a ’69 Dodge Charger. While a show featuring something other than a Chevy is not unusual these days, there certainly was something unusual about this Charger: could the Chop Cut Rebuild’s Keisler XP Charger be the very same car used in Chrysler’s 1969 media campaign? [...]

  26. Dave Says:

    Nice Charger.
    What’s with the vette?
    It looks like something from pimp my ride.
    pretty gaudy.

  27. Allison Says:

    Hi Michael
    Please refer to the FAQ section on our website

  28. Allison Says:


    Not just headrests in St. Louis, MO

  29. jim poole Says:

    Hi,DanWOODS!! I’m jim poole from New Hampshire.In 1982/1983,I qas in Germany attending an American high school.I had a chance to be very lucky.I was given a chance to completely restore a 1969 plymouth road runner from the ground up,but with me and others of my classmates we finished it and painted it back to it’s original pait color of gold with light to dark maroon faded in in the trunk it looked awesome, with a rebuilt 383 cubic inch big block under the hood and a 4-speed to put the power to the ground with she was fast and handled like a dream..Sorry I don’t have any pictures to show but that car is locked away in my memory,I’ll never forget my younger days..Thank you jim poole.. p/s my nick name was mopar madness..

  30. Karl Says:

    Where can the restoration video series be purchased? I have a 69 RTSE in just as bad shape. It’ll be a great tutorial! Thankxx!

  31. Karl B. Says:

    Awsome show CCR. Will you guys have the 69 Hemi Charger restore on video for purchase soon. I have 3 to restore. It’s a great tool!!

  32. Larry Says:

    Like 02603sec posted here a year ago, it sure would be nice to know the total cost, including the purchace price of the original car, the total cost of every part added or replaced, and the total number of man hours it took to complete.

    I have looked through parts brochures online for 1969 GTOs. Almost every part is very very expensive, and there are thousands of parts in a car. My guess is that if you could buy every part for a 1969 muscle car, the cost in parts alone would be well over $100,000. Plus the labor.

  33. Gary Price Says:

    Hi, I did catch some of your great shows but would really like to get the video

  34. Tom Says:

    Love your show. About 15 years ago I was introduced to car restoration and we tried to follow the way you guys are doing it.

    Me and buddies restored a 75 Camaro from the inside out.

    Still have the car.

    You guys are a Joy to watch.

    keep on, keeping on

  35. David Evans Says:

    Hey Dan, i did enjoy both shows Charger and Vette most the vette, do to the fact that i am a fiberglass tool builder. i have been building a 70 c -10 and loved the idea of a 5-speed.So i when’t with the Kiesler TKO-600 ! I like to say how disappointed with this company!My new trans was 11 year old internal gears.T he tko 600 was the one trans that wasn’t a rebuild.Kiesler will not back thier product! Heavily disappointed viewer

  36. Allison Says:

    We’re sorry to hear that you didn’t have a great experience with the transmission. Try contacting Tremec to tell them about the problem. Kiesler does not make the transmission itself, they make the components for the transmission. The gears are Tremec. Here is their contact page: http://www.tremec.com/contacto.php
    Best of luck

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