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Chop Cut Rebuild Presents an Award Winner   

December 6, 2011 

The staff at WAS Productions Inc., is very pleased to announce a proud accomplishment to be shared and celebrated by all involved:  


On Sunday, December 4th, the Classic Industries 1972 “Twisted” Duster – featured on the new season of the hit SPEED TV series Chop Cut Rebuild, received a “Best Of Show” trophy at the annual John Force Holiday Car Show in Yorba Linda, California. This year’s show featured over 1,700 cars on display and garnered thousands of toys donated to underprivileged children in our community. We are honored to have been part of this very successful charity event which brings holiday joy to children in our community every year. The Classic Industries Duster ascended above many superb entries to win a prestigious acknowledgment from the judges at the show. The Duster came to championship form on Chop Cut Rebuild with the support and skill of many talented technicians and with the enthusiastic assistance of many sponsors. A well deserved ”Thank You” goes out to all who helped.


Once again, our sincere “Thanks” to all involved in restoring this amazing car! Production planning is already underway for a 9th successful season of Chop Cut Rebuild. We look forward to assembling another great team in the next few weeks.


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