The Fox Sports conversion of SPEED to Fox Sports 1, is now complete. Lifestyle programs like Chop Cut Rebuild did not survive the cut. However, we have excellent news to pass along. America One, The WalkTV, and MavTV will all begin airing classic episodes of Chop Cut Rebuild this fall.

The news gets even better … MavTV will be premiering NEW episodes of Chop Cut Rebuild this spring. Yes, Season 10 is set to premiere on our new flagship network MavTV. As usual we will feature two exciting build teams taking on over-the-top restoration projects!

Watch for new episodes of Chop Cut Rebuild on MavTV this spring.

Tune in to Chop Cut Rebuild on:



And on our new flagship network:



Don’t forget to tune into our new web-series “Dan’s Garage” and hang with a crew of expert personalities who undertake some fun easy to do projects in the garage every week.

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Long running SPEED series earns network its first “Lifestyle” Emmy Nomination

Producers of the hit SPEED Channel series Chop Cut Rebuild …With Dan Woods have garnered the automotive specialty broadcaster its first Daytime Emmy nomination. The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences recently announced its Daytime Emmy nominees for the June 23rd awards ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles, naming the long running SPEED series as a nominee for “Outstanding Lifestyle Series”.

Chop Cut Rebuild blends documentary style into the “how-to” genre by following the restoration of two distinctively iconic vehicles in a season-long 13 episode process. Now in its eighth season on SPEED, the series has featured top professionals in the restoration trade who reveal the tricks, skills, and challenges of a complete showquality vehicle restoration.

Chop Cut Rebuild premiered on SPEED in 2004. The series creator, host, and Executive Producer is Dan Woods, who is also known for his long standing acting role in the successful Degrassi franchises as teacher/principal Raditch. Woods believes the series has enjoyed its longevity due to its focus on process – rather than personality. “Chop Cut Rebuild is about the real effort needed to restore iconic symbols of American engineering. It isn’t about throwing wrenches, or dysfunctional people”, says Woods.

Edward Peghin, has been the series Co-Executive Producer and Director for the past three seasons. Edward credits much of the series success to the right mix of on-camera talent and an enthusiastic production team. “Finding the right people who understand cars and blending them with people who understand television has been the key.”
Peghin adds, “Everyone understands their roles, their strengths, and they love what they do”, states the veteran

Chop Cut Rebuild has featured the restoration of every type of popular vehicle from classic Camaro, Charger, and Mustang muscle cars, to rare and unique vehicles like the Delorian pre-curser Bricklin SV1 from the early 1970’s. The ninth season of Chop Cut Rebuild is currently in production and will premier in fall 2012.


For a complete list of all 2012 Daytime Emmy nominees visit:
For more information contact:
Edward Peghin
Co-Executive Producer
(310) 598-2986

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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Mopar Grand Nationals.

Well…actually it started at the Syracuse Nationals. But, it became official at the Mopar Grand Nationals in Columbus, Ohio a month later. This past summer in Syracuse, I was doing a signing session at the Legendary Auto Upholstery booth when a very polite, soft spoken gentleman approached me and asked if I would be interested in seeing a new product he was introducing there at his booth. His name was Joe Iraci. Originally from Italy, Joe has lived in Rochester, New York for a number of years, and has been importing automotive products from Italy. He’s a big Alfa Romeo fan; importing parts for his beloved Alfa’s for American and Canadian Alfa owners. Last year, one of the companies he works with in Italy introduced a new product called the “Easy Click System”. Joe jumped on securing distribution rights for North America immediately.


At first, I was hesitant about seeing this Easy Click product, he was glowing over. I’ve seen lots of new stuff come along in the past 20 years. More blows than glows. Trust me. But…one more wasn’t going to dim my trip to Syracuse. Joe convinced me to come by his booth when I had a break. His booth was sparsely decked out with a banner and a folding table displaying some Alfa products. Nothing impressive. But Joe was. He impressed upon me, in this appealing sincerity, he carried, “Mister Woods, I think you should get involved to promote this product, should it become very big”. With an eye-roll of past experience, I replied, “OK, sure. Let’s see what you’ve got”… Joe held up a small red cube half the size of cell phone charger “This is it – a battery connector?” It was so… ‘are you kidding me’ – I was amused. “What’s different about this than what’s already out there?” I asked. “Well, there is no bolt to hold the connector to the post. It’s a lever that makes it tight to the battery”. OK, that’s interesting, I thought. Turns out all you do is place it onto the battery post and push down to lock it in place. Removing it is just as simple. Click and off..

That was where my mind started to wonder rather than wander. “Are you telling me no one has come up with this before?”, I asked. “Not really. This is a new invention.” Now we’re talking cool. Have you ever looked a product and thought to yourself, why hasn’t anyone come up with this before? Well… this was one of those light bulb moments. I told Joe I’d think about promoting it.


About a month later, I was back on the road with Legendary. It was the Mopar Nationals in Columbus, Ohio. There I was, signing away for a few fans of the show when I heard that familiar Italian accent. Joe had driven all the way from Rochester just to see me and talk about the Easy Click System again.


Later that day, Joe and I walked around the show with a couple of the connectors in hand (they come two in a pack) one positive and one negative connector, to get some opinions from a number of CCR sponsors who were at the show. Classic Industries was there and they immediately said they would carry them in their catalogue. Shafi Keisler, the owner of Keisler Engineering was at the show and was blown away by the design. Ted Stephens from Stephen’s Performance asked for a couple sets to take back

home. Even the folks at Legendary Auto Interiors said they would offer them up on their website. I was completely staggered at how positive the response was. I mean, this little gadget just sailed in and sold some of the industry’s Sultans of Skeptic with its amazing ease and efficiency.

“So, maybe you get involved?” Joe asked. Involved? “Yep. Click me up!” It was that easy. Syracuse was a charm.

So, now Chop Cut Rebuild and yours truly are endorsing the Easy Click System battery connectors. I don’t go dotted line easily, but I’m a wonk for things that work. If anyone hears about a Ferrari borne Margueritta maker. Tell them Dan’s mug waits to runneth over!

Like to see the Easy Click System in action? Visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iGwacT1aSg

Like to purchase an Easy Click System for your vehicle? Visit: http://www.alfadirect.com

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Chop Cut Rebuild Presents an Award Winner

December 6, 2011 

The staff at WAS Productions Inc., is very pleased to announce a proud accomplishment to be shared and celebrated by all involved:  


On Sunday, December 4th, the Classic Industries 1972 “Twisted” Duster – featured on the new season of the hit SPEED TV series Chop Cut Rebuild, received a “Best Of Show” trophy at the annual John Force Holiday Car Show in Yorba Linda, California. This year’s show featured over 1,700 cars on display and garnered thousands of toys donated to underprivileged children in our community. We are honored to have been part of this very successful charity event which brings holiday joy to children in our community every year. The Classic Industries Duster ascended above many superb entries to win a prestigious acknowledgment from the judges at the show. The Duster came to championship form on Chop Cut Rebuild with the support and skill of many talented technicians and with the enthusiastic assistance of many sponsors. A well deserved ”Thank You” goes out to all who helped.


Once again, our sincere “Thanks” to all involved in restoring this amazing car! Production planning is already underway for a 9th successful season of Chop Cut Rebuild. We look forward to assembling another great team in the next few weeks.


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Nov. 28, 2011

Check out the first issue of Wolf Motorsports Magazine, featuring both our Duster and Willy’s projects!


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October 30, 2011

Wow… I just realized how long it’s been since I updated my blog. No wonder I’m not getting invited to those talk about “tweeting” your way to fame and fortune, Sunday afternoon radio shows!


Well, there’s a ton of exciting stuff that’s gone on since my last blog so let’s get to the details…


The summer of 2011.

It seemed to just fly by. The folks at Legendary made sure they brought me along to 3 of their big shows: Carlyle, PA; Syracuse, NY; and Columbus, OH. In Carlyle, the weather was less than co-operative. Rain fell most of the weekend and it brought the attendance down a little. But, the good news was that the rain also brought down some of the prices too! There were plenty of bargains for those who ventured into the Swap Meet area of the show. Even with all the rain, there were lots of Mopar enthusiasts there who all had great things to say about CCR and our XP Hemi project. Keisler Engineering was there too but, unfortunately, the car was travelling in the back of a transport somewhere across the country and didn’t arrive in time for display at the event. But, Shafi Keisler didn’t disappoint. His famous “Kuda” was on display to turn heads and make mouths water. It was good to see my friend John Schneider at Carlyle too. We didn’t get much time to talk because there was a line-up of people in front of him all day. It was just a quick “Hi John” and a “Hey Dan” between signatures. I did get to spend some time hiding from the rain under a lean-to with Discovery and Spike TV personality Lou Santiago (Muscle Car and Ultimate Car Build Off). Lou is a great guy and we talked for quite a while. I’m gonna find a show for that guy to host. There’s just too much talent and personality there for him to not be on TV right now!


The weekend after Carlyle, we were in Syracuse New York, for the Syracuse Nationals. WOW! What a show!! Probably the biggest all-makes show on the east coast. Cars and fans came from all over the east including Canada. It was a great weekend; sunny and hot! Fortunately, we were in a big air conditioned building which brought the crowds in droves. At the end of the aisle where the Legendary display was set up, some of the original cast members from “Happy Days” were signing autographs throughout the day. Henry Winkler, Erin Moran, and Cindy Williams signed, shaked and kissed hundreds of enthusiastic fans every day. I didn’t get to say much to any of them because the Legendary booth was just rockin’ with people coming by to say hello. I think I caught Henry Winkler looking over at me a few times and wondering why people were lining up to get MY autograph. To be honest, I wonder the same thing sometimes! All in all, Syracuse was a blast and I’m sure to be back there again soon!


After a few days back in California to shoot more episodes of CCR, it was time to head out with Legendary Automotive Interiors again. This time it was the big Mopar show in Columbus, OH. I’d been to this show before when we built the Goodmark Cuda in Season V, so I had an idea what to expect there. The best part about this show is it’s not just a car show – at this show the cars on display also tear up the track! Yep, if you haven’t been there you owe it to yourself to go. Every kind of door-slammer or pro-street Mopar you can imagine tears up the ¼ mile strip all weekend long. It’s not often that you go to a car show and also hear the roar of engines and the smell of rubber in the air all day. All car shows should be like this!


After a great summer of Mopar love, it was nice to get back to home base and begin finishing up Season 8 of Chop Cut Rebuild. The pressure of the SEMA show was right around the corner and both projects seem to be right on schedule…” if only the host of the show would show up so we can film” – that’s my Executive Producer’s voice coming out. They say it’s OK if the voices in your head are only telling you to get to work!


Coming up… SEMA 2011.

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First off, I will admit it: keeping up this blog thing is something I haven’t quite got down to a smooth shifting schedule yet. But, I am working on it, and a “D” for driving myself without too many spin outs may be a reasonable grade so far. As I promised in my last blog, I want to explain a little more about this whole “Spokesperson” thing, and how it works from the perspective of the Spokesperson (me).

Sometime in early 2011, Martin Beckenbach and I bounced around the idea, for me to become a spokesperson for his company, Legendary Auto Interiors Ltd. I was essentially being asked to put my signature and reputation to a manufacturer’s brand. I know it’s done all the time, but it’s never something I had put my mind, mug and pen to. So, I wanted to be certain that my first experience would more “right-on” than “write-off”. That’s why I asked if I could have the Full Monty about the company and what they manufacture before I bared and dared myself. Marty agreed it was a good idea for me to understand as much as possible about the automotive upholstery business. Next thing I knew, I was buckled in for a flight to Upstate New York.

In May, I made the jaunt to Legendary Auto Interiors without cameras, my crew, or the usual tools and entourage we bring to a shoot. This time it was just me. Naked and new.

Legendary is right next to the Erie Canal in the heart of Newark, New York: one of those small, picturesque towns where everyone knows everyone. It was a Monday morning, and I was amped to walk through the doors and get a look under the hood of one of the best upholstery manufacturers in the world. I was expecting the tour to be fast, simple and smooth. But, I was only right about one of those things. It was pleasantly smooth.

Marty met me at the reception area with two of his managers, Brian and Dan, who quickly put aside any thoughts I had about a typical “visitors tour”. Instead, I was going into training. Boot camp for this recruit! For two solid days, I would be moved from work station to work station learning in great detail how every piece they offer is made. From material handling, to cutting patterns, to door panels, to sewing seat covers, to stamping floor mats, they gave me the entire training regimen. The same process they give every new employee – guided every step of the way by the people who do the work every day at their facility.

What gives me the most pleasure about working with Legendary in the upcoming months is that I had a chance to truly get to know their people. It is a staff that really understands the importance of producing a quality product in America. They know their competitors are importing from China, India and Mexico – so they make sure Legendary goes beyond competitive, making the best products possible, with the best guarantees. The number of checks and double checks of each piece

they manufacture is second to none. And the quality of material and skill is, well…Grade A U.S.A. That’s not rah, rah, rah…It’s proudly refined results.

When you think about the thousands of dollars we spend on restoring our cars and the love and care we give to our pride and joy rides, getting the best interior products only makes sense. Too often, I’ve seen a project car have time, effort, and energy spent on engine builds, fabricating design modifications, painting and sanding, only to shake my head at a cracked dash pad or ripped seat covers. Hey! Your interior is the second thing someone sees when they look at your car. It only makes sense to have the interior look its best as soon as possible. You can keep your hood shut until you have the funds to show it off. But, you can’t put limo tint on every window!

Next blog… Pressing the Flesh in Carlisle and Syracuse.


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The CCR.TV Blog is LIVE!

Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve stepped up and decided to try this modern technology called the “world-wide Interweb Face-place” thing and create a blog! Why? Excellent question! Every week I get dozens of emails asking about the show, the cars, the sponsors, the re-runs, and even some about me. Rather than try to answer them all, I thought a public blog would be a good way for others to see what kind of interaction we have with fans of CCR. It may also help answer some questions for people before they write to us… then again it just may prompt more emails. Who knows? We’ll have to see where this all goes.

So, what will be in this blog besides answers to viewers questions? That’s up to you. I’m open to posting lots of different things here. My travels, my past, my ideas, there’s no limit really. Well, actually there’s some. I will NOT post comments about politics, negatives about sponsors, or negatives about specific people I don’t know.

Now that we have the ground work laid out, let me tell you a bit about who is responsible for this blog. It’s Legendary Automotive Interiors! It was actually their suggestion to create it. Even better, it was their suggestion that they would pay for it too! …Ya gotta love those type of suggestions! Martin Beckenbach, is the founder and owner of Legendary. He’s a great guy. Full of boundless energy and enthusiasm for the hobby. During SEMA last year, Marty and I spent some time discussing the restoration industry’s issues and what direction we felt it was headed. We both were seeing positive signs of growth. We were seeing younger people getting involved. More traditional restorations and modifications were happening and best of all the aftermarket was continuing to bring forward exciting new products at lightening speed. As we were heading out to get a sandwich, we passed a booth with a life size cut out of Chip Foose holding a product with a big smile on his face. As Marty and I walked by I noted how popular Chip has stayed, even with Overhaulin’ gone from the scene. Marty suggested that I should do some endorsements, like Chip does. I told him, “Marty, you’re the only guy I could get to pay me to endorse a product and it might not be a good investment on your part”… He disagreed. So, now I am officially a spokesman for Legendary Automotive Interiors… Marty agreed to buy me a case of beer every month in exchange! How could I possibly turn down that kind of offer?

Thanks for giving this a read! Send in your suggestions for topics to: info@ccr.tv

On The Next Blog… This Spokesperson thing is harder than it looks! We’ll take a look at my visit to Legendary and the training days they put me through!

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H.B. hot rod shop to hit national spotlight


The owner of a Huntington Beach hot rod shop hopes to gain national attention this year as he and his crew document building a 1941 classic coupe from the ground up.

The Speed Channel is featuring CW Hot Rods & Restoration Shop on its eighth season of Chop Cut Rebuild, a national show that gives an inside look into the hours and creativity it takes to build a custom car, in this case, a 1941 Willys Coupe.

Crews were on scene at the Huntington Beach garage on Tuesday as owner Chris Womack and employee Jason Jones worked with show host Dan Woods to install the front suspension and rotors of the coupe.

By the end of 13 episodes, the empty black shell will transform into a bright red replica of the classic coupe.

Womack, a retired detective from Aspen, Colo., bought the shop in September with a vision to put the garage on the map for its restoration and custom work. The shop has been around for about 10 years but Womack wanted to change its focus.

“My idea is to venture out of just body and paint,” he said. “I had the correct people in place that had the potential to do more than what they were doing. I knew the shop had a lot of potential.”

Womack said he reached out to Woods to land his garage a place in the national spotlight.

“I emailed them but I never thought I’d hear back,” he said. “Within two hours they called me back and said, ‘what do you got?’”

Director and producer Edward Peghin and his four-person crew are filming this week to capture the details of building the 1941 Willys. The episodes are expected to air in late September.

Womack, 48, of Huntington Beach, started building cars when he was a kid and continued to take classes on restoration during his 18-year law enforcement career.

CW’s is currently working on a handful of unique cars, including a ’66 Mustang, a ’57 Air box Corvette and a ’57 Cameo pickup, among others.

The Willys, which belongs to a 63-year-old woman who is restoring the car to honor her husband who died, will get a GM E-Rod package engine, which means the replica will pass state emissions tests and be cleared to ride the road with 430 horsepower under the hood.

Womack said when the work is done he hopes to enter the car in November’s Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas, which is likened to the Academy Awards for custom car enthusiasts.

Contact the writer: 714-796-7953 or jfletcher@ocregister.com


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AUTOS: ‘Chop Cut Rebuild’ New Season

Popular customizing show on SPEED goes into its eighth season with two new high-quality projects.
David Harris | Posted March 23, 2011 Charlotte, NC

SPEED has commissioned an eighth season of the popular automotive build program, Chop Cut Rebuild, which has more than 117 episodes under its belt. The original series features long-time host and car enthusiast Dan Woods and tracks the progress of top-flight restoration shops as they develop two unique vehicles each season.

“The show has morphed over time with everything from the title to the number of simultaneous restoration projects; even the episode count changing from season to season,” said Robert Ecker, SPEED VP of Programming and Executive Producer. “The one constant through it all has always been Dan. He is the face, the voice and the driving force behind the series and its long-running success.”

With 13 new episodes ordered, Woods and his WAS Production team plan on following the construction of an underappreciated early 1970s pony cars: the “A-body” Dodge and Plymouth. Commonly badged as Demon or Duster coupes, respectively, these classic cars were designed to compete against the Chevrolet Camaros and Ford Mustangs of the day. Classic Industries of Huntington Beach, Calif., is undertaking the project.

“When I was a kid, my best friend’s father had just bought a brand new (Plymouth) Duster – I think we were 14 years old,” Woods said. “He was quite daring and used to steal the car to go for drives through the neighborhood. I thought, ‘Wow, this is really cool. I would like to get one of these.’ But I’ll wait until I get my license, and let him drive.

“There are so many people in this hobby, and they try and get something that has a personal touchstone for them,” Woods added. “There’s also the ease… as these cars become easier and easier to restore, that’s a message we want to get out to the viewers. It’s not the challenge that it used to be.”

The next car is a true hot rod, the full build of a 1942 Willys replica [at CW Restoration in Huntington Beach]. With its popularity among the rodding community as a base point, the General Motors Performance Parts division has teamed with Chop Cut Rebuild to build a full “kit” using one of its new crat-engine configurations. The new package is something of a breakthrough for hot rodders everywhere.

“What General Motors Performance has done is they’ve created an aftermarket drop-in engine called the E-Rod package – standing for Environmental Hot Rod,” Woods said. “The idea is the engine will meet current, 2011 emissions standards in all 50 states and Canada. So essentially, we’re putting a Camaro drivetrain into a kit car.

“The Willys is probably the most hot-rodded car of the 1960s,” Woods continued. “Most of them, if they weren’t scrapped, were turned into really cool-looking hot rods. They are two-seater cars, very bulbous looking, but it’s sort of the traditional car you put flames across the hood on, and you put the big blower stack in. We’re not going to the extreme with that look, although we will have the flames on the side.”

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