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AUTOS: ‘Chop Cut Rebuild’ New Season   

Popular customizing show on SPEED goes into its eighth season with two new high-quality projects.
David Harris | Posted March 23, 2011 Charlotte, NC

SPEED has commissioned an eighth season of the popular automotive build program, Chop Cut Rebuild, which has more than 117 episodes under its belt. The original series features long-time host and car enthusiast Dan Woods and tracks the progress of top-flight restoration shops as they develop two unique vehicles each season.

“The show has morphed over time with everything from the title to the number of simultaneous restoration projects; even the episode count changing from season to season,” said Robert Ecker, SPEED VP of Programming and Executive Producer. “The one constant through it all has always been Dan. He is the face, the voice and the driving force behind the series and its long-running success.”

With 13 new episodes ordered, Woods and his WAS Production team plan on following the construction of an underappreciated early 1970s pony cars: the “A-body” Dodge and Plymouth. Commonly badged as Demon or Duster coupes, respectively, these classic cars were designed to compete against the Chevrolet Camaros and Ford Mustangs of the day. Classic Industries of Huntington Beach, Calif., is undertaking the project.

“When I was a kid, my best friend’s father had just bought a brand new (Plymouth) Duster – I think we were 14 years old,” Woods said. “He was quite daring and used to steal the car to go for drives through the neighborhood. I thought, ‘Wow, this is really cool. I would like to get one of these.’ But I’ll wait until I get my license, and let him drive.

“There are so many people in this hobby, and they try and get something that has a personal touchstone for them,” Woods added. “There’s also the ease… as these cars become easier and easier to restore, that’s a message we want to get out to the viewers. It’s not the challenge that it used to be.”

The next car is a true hot rod, the full build of a 1942 Willys replica [at CW Restoration in Huntington Beach]. With its popularity among the rodding community as a base point, the General Motors Performance Parts division has teamed with Chop Cut Rebuild to build a full “kit” using one of its new crat-engine configurations. The new package is something of a breakthrough for hot rodders everywhere.

“What General Motors Performance has done is they’ve created an aftermarket drop-in engine called the E-Rod package – standing for Environmental Hot Rod,” Woods said. “The idea is the engine will meet current, 2011 emissions standards in all 50 states and Canada. So essentially, we’re putting a Camaro drivetrain into a kit car.

“The Willys is probably the most hot-rodded car of the 1960s,” Woods continued. “Most of them, if they weren’t scrapped, were turned into really cool-looking hot rods. They are two-seater cars, very bulbous looking, but it’s sort of the traditional car you put flames across the hood on, and you put the big blower stack in. We’re not going to the extreme with that look, although we will have the flames on the side.”

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Posted in Updates — by Allison Woods on 03/23/11 (3) comments

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3 Responses to “AUTOS: ‘Chop Cut Rebuild’ New Season”

  1. Susan F Burns Says:

    I am attempting to contact chop cut rebuild to submit our car but I unable to.
    Please help me.
    Thank you,
    Sincerely yours,

  2. Larry Williams Says:

    Great show. Love watching Dan do his thing. It’s not just another car show and it keeps your interest and attention. I love the corvette make over, being a corvette owner of a 1991 ZR-1, the forgotten classic car of all GM products. Yep, forgotten because no matter what car show you watch, there’s nothing about the older ZR-1′s. There were only 2044 of mine made and most of the 2044 are gone. I consider mine an 8 out of a possible 10. I’m 68 years old and love getting on it from time to time, just letting myself know I’m not a real old fart yet. So some day I’d love to see you redoing an older ZR-1. Hey, every body knows what a Mustang Cobra is, Dodge Charger and Viper. People know what a Corvette is but they have no clue what a ZR-1 is or was when they were first made.
    So keep up the great work. Your show is fantastic.
    Thank You, Larry Williams

  3. Allison Says:

    Hi Susan
    Please refer to the FAQ section of our website.
    I’m sorry to say that Chop Cut Rebuild does not restore viewer’s cars.

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