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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Mopar Grand Nationals.   

Well…actually it started at the Syracuse Nationals. But, it became official at the Mopar Grand Nationals in Columbus, Ohio a month later. This past summer in Syracuse, I was doing a signing session at the Legendary Auto Upholstery booth when a very polite, soft spoken gentleman approached me and asked if I would be interested in seeing a new product he was introducing there at his booth. His name was Joe Iraci. Originally from Italy, Joe has lived in Rochester, New York for a number of years, and has been importing automotive products from Italy. He’s a big Alfa Romeo fan; importing parts for his beloved Alfa’s for American and Canadian Alfa owners. Last year, one of the companies he works with in Italy introduced a new product called the “Easy Click System”. Joe jumped on securing distribution rights for North America immediately.


At first, I was hesitant about seeing this Easy Click product, he was glowing over. I’ve seen lots of new stuff come along in the past 20 years. More blows than glows. Trust me. But…one more wasn’t going to dim my trip to Syracuse. Joe convinced me to come by his booth when I had a break. His booth was sparsely decked out with a banner and a folding table displaying some Alfa products. Nothing impressive. But Joe was. He impressed upon me, in this appealing sincerity, he carried, “Mister Woods, I think you should get involved to promote this product, should it become very big”. With an eye-roll of past experience, I replied, “OK, sure. Let’s see what you’ve got”… Joe held up a small red cube half the size of cell phone charger “This is it – a battery connector?” It was so… ‘are you kidding me’ – I was amused. “What’s different about this than what’s already out there?” I asked. “Well, there is no bolt to hold the connector to the post. It’s a lever that makes it tight to the battery”. OK, that’s interesting, I thought. Turns out all you do is place it onto the battery post and push down to lock it in place. Removing it is just as simple. Click and off..

That was where my mind started to wonder rather than wander. “Are you telling me no one has come up with this before?”, I asked. “Not really. This is a new invention.” Now we’re talking cool. Have you ever looked a product and thought to yourself, why hasn’t anyone come up with this before? Well… this was one of those light bulb moments. I told Joe I’d think about promoting it.


About a month later, I was back on the road with Legendary. It was the Mopar Nationals in Columbus, Ohio. There I was, signing away for a few fans of the show when I heard that familiar Italian accent. Joe had driven all the way from Rochester just to see me and talk about the Easy Click System again.


Later that day, Joe and I walked around the show with a couple of the connectors in hand (they come two in a pack) one positive and one negative connector, to get some opinions from a number of CCR sponsors who were at the show. Classic Industries was there and they immediately said they would carry them in their catalogue. Shafi Keisler, the owner of Keisler Engineering was at the show and was blown away by the design. Ted Stephens from Stephen’s Performance asked for a couple sets to take back

home. Even the folks at Legendary Auto Interiors said they would offer them up on their website. I was completely staggered at how positive the response was. I mean, this little gadget just sailed in and sold some of the industry’s Sultans of Skeptic with its amazing ease and efficiency.

“So, maybe you get involved?” Joe asked. Involved? “Yep. Click me up!” It was that easy. Syracuse was a charm.

So, now Chop Cut Rebuild and yours truly are endorsing the Easy Click System battery connectors. I don’t go dotted line easily, but I’m a wonk for things that work. If anyone hears about a Ferrari borne Margueritta maker. Tell them Dan’s mug waits to runneth over!

Like to see the Easy Click System in action? Visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iGwacT1aSg

Like to purchase an Easy Click System for your vehicle? Visit: http://www.alfadirect.com

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One Response to “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Mopar Grand Nationals.”

  1. David Bailey Says:

    It was nice to Meet Dan at the Mopar Nationals, shake his hand and get the cool license plate. I mentioned to Dan that it would be nice to see a 69 Barracuda go through the wringer on the show. I just picked one up, but don’t think I’ve seen a pre-70′s being done yet on the show. And, by the way, its the best show out there, as you don’t have all the drama like some do. Keep it up, and Thanks Dan, if you ever need a guest host, or side kick, give me a call…lol… I would love to do what you do. David

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