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Get your wrenching fix with host Dan Woods, as he reveals all that it takes to be a custom, classic builder. With demanding deadlines, becoming a daunting reality – roadblocks rising left and right, two talented teams must come up with vital, innovative ways to survive the mission.

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About Dan

As the founding CEO, executive producer, and president of WAS Productions Inc, Mr. Woods oversees all aspects of production for two acclaimed television series; Street Tuner Challenge and Chop Cut Rebuild. He is also the on-camera host for Chop Cut Rebuild. Both series currently air on the Speed Channel, Discovery UK, Discovery Asia, Fox Australia, and Fox Latin America.

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Featured Car

This is one of two cars we are working on this season. At least, that’s what it used to look like. It was found in a barn in Tennesse in less than perfect shape – although the tree growing through the passenger floor was a nice addition.

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Recent News

The Fox Sports conversion of SPEED to Fox Sports 1, is now complete. Lifestyle programs like Chop Cut Rebuild did not survive the cut. However, we have excellent news to pass along. America One, The WalkTV, and MavTV will all begin airing classic episodes of Chop Cut Rebuild this fall. The news gets even better […]

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